Download study skills slides from a session you recently attended

PARENTS & STUDENTS: Scroll to the bottom of the page to find your school's slides from your session (section 4) and other material referred to (section 3).

1. Instructions and Conditions:

If your school has run a session recently and has been given a PASSWORD to download a particular file, the files will be kept on this page for up to 3 weeks after the date of the session. Not every session will have a file to download, it depends on the session.

Download instructions: If you have problems opening files directly (you may receive error messages from the pdf format), instead of trying to open the file just right click on the link, select 'Save Target As' and save the file on your computer. Then go to where you saved the file and double-click on it to open it. If you still have problems just send your details (ie school, year level and when the session was) via the contact us link and I will email you the info.

MAC users: Some Mac computers are set to open PDF files using Preview, preview does not work with adobe password protected files. If you are having trouble (ie you open the file and get a blank screen), save the file to your computer, right click (Ctrl, command, click) and select Open With - then instead of Preview select adobe acrobat reader.

Most files are in PDF format. You will need Adobe Reader on your computer to open these files (it is a free downloadable program available at ). If the files appear as gobbledygook or give an error message, your computer may not have the reader installed or is using an old version. If you have the latest version and are still having problems opening the files email giving the details of the session you attended.

All slides in these presentations are copyrighted to Enhanced Learning Educational Services. Attendees of the seminar may view the slides for their own use but the presentation is not to be used in any other way, presented by any other person other than an ELES consultant or copied or given to other persons. It is not to be included in any other handouts etc. without ELES permission and acknowledgement that it is the intellectual property of Enhanced Learning Educational Services.

Note for TEACHERS Downloading these slides:
Please ensure you comply with copyright law and always acknowledge/give credit to Enhanced Learning Educational Services when using any of our materials: freebies, resources or materials from sessions. We remind our students not to please ensure you recognise the use of any of the intellectual property of ELES and do not use our materials without acknowledging the source. Our resources will already have the copyright information on the bottom of each page of the products. We rely on your professional integrity in this matter.

2. If your school subscribes to the online Study Skills Handbook:

If your school subscribes the login details will be on the last page of the parent handout from the study skills evening. Make sure you visit and enter your school's login details to access further resources and units of work on study skills.

To see if your school subscribes click here: Current Subscribing Schools

3. Other Useful Info (referred to during the sessions):

Click here to read answers to FAQs I am asked about the session.

Note: ELES does NOT receive any benefits, financial or otherwise, for any of the products or sites listed below - we are just trying to connect parents and students with rhe resources they need to help them achieve their academic goals.

Writing and Typing:

Ring Pens (Pencil Grips Plus)      WriteWeight   

Free Learn to Touch Type Website     Touch Typing Classes     Typequick (Paid Online Typing Course for Students)



Term Planner     Week Planner     Action Plan    ExamPrepGrid    Key Ideas


SelfControl  Cold Turkey   Stay Focused info     Stay Focused download   

Examples of Free MIND MAP  software, or you can try

WEB SAFETY AND FILTERING RESOURCES - lots of great resources for web safety, cyber-bullying, monitoring/filtering Internet use


Tools for Students For Technology Distractions

Video Game Addiction Treatment (Sydney)

Other Info:

FIVE SENSES EDUCATION - additional study guides and textbooks

Sleep Cycle     Sleep as Android   Sleep Connection sleep info

Stand Up Desks     DIARY VIDEO    

Great books for parents:

- 'How to Motivate Your Child for school and beyond' by Dr Andrew Martin

- 'Raising Your Child in a Digital World' by Dr Kristy Goodwin

Study Skills Tutoring:

If you need one-on-one and one-off (or a few sessions) for STUDY SKILLS assistance with EXPERTS, visit this page: One-on-one Options and if you need regular tutoring and support visit Set To Study

4. Files to Download from Sessions:

If any links are not working please let me know:, they will generally be active by the day after the session and available for 3 weeks.

These are big files, probably best to right-click and save to your computer then open it. Files may take some time to download. If you are using a MAC read the instructions at the top of the page first.

Note for some sessions the slides are 6 to a page as otherwise the files are just too big to download, remember with PDF files you can zoom in so you can see everything clearly.

Once you download the slides and save to your computer you will akways be able to open the file and it will ask you for the password each time you open the document.

You may also find these useful:    ACTION PLAN SHEET     KEY IDEAS SHEET

Strathfield Girls High School    SLIDES    EXTRA HANDOUT


SLIDES v1 (6 to a page 3MB)   SLIDES v2 (2 to a page 5MB)   SLIDES v3 (1 to a page 8MB)   FOLLOW-UP




Level 2 Maximising Results:   SLIDES

Level 1 Achieving Your Personal Best:   
SLIDES v1 (6 per pg 3MB)    SLIDES v2 (2 per pag 5MB)    SLIDES v3 (1 per pg 12MB)    EXTRA HANDOUT


SLIDES GENERAL (2 to a page)    SLIDES GENERAL (9 to a page)    SLIDES TIMETABLE (2 to a page)    SLIDES TIMETABLE (9 to a page)   

Year 10 Session

(sometimes Year 10 does the Senior session listed above):   SLIDES