Build Your Own Study Skills Textbook

Many schools already have some study skills resources in place, but sometimes you need a little extra to boost your program or there is a gap in your materials.

ELES has created a series of HELP GUIDES - Helping students become Effective Learners Program. There are currently 23 of these guides available (and another 7 to go).

Each guide has at least 10 pages of content and is delivered in PDF format so you can print and copy each year for your students. Think of them as chapters in a study skills textbook! Students work through each section (they will need a highlighter) and along the way complete the discussion activities in each section. Additionally, you can now type your answers directly into the PDF. You can see a list of the content covered in each HELP guide here.

(Note: If your school subscribes to (check here) you do NOT need to purchase these resources as they are all FREE for you to use as long as your school is a subscriber.)

You can view sample pages from the HELP guides on the right.

If you order 5 or more of the HELP guides at one time, you will receive the following discounts (if you order in our online shop just select the REQUEST AN INVOICE option at the time of purchase rather than paying online).

5-9 HELP products purchased 10% discount
10-14 HELP products purchased 15% discount
15-19 HELP products purchased 20% discount
20-24 HELP products purchased 25% discount

To find out more about each guide and the content covered in each or to purchase, visit our ONLINE SCHOOL SHOP or you can print an order form here.