Sample Pages for ELES Study Skills Resources

Schools where Year 7 is the first year of secondary school

Study Skills Worksheets

7SSW (183KB)
8SSW (178KB)
9SSW (193KB)
10SSW (203KB)
11SSW (218KB)
12SSW (131KB)

Time Management Techniques

7TMT (211KB)
8TMT (244KB)
9TMT (153KB)
10TMT (188KB)
11TMT (171KB)
12TMT (220KB)

Goal Setting

GSWM (136KB)
GSWS (134KB)

Examination Preparation Workbooks

78EPW (174KB)
910EPW (162KB)
1112EPW (161KB)

Study Skills Handouts for Mathematics


Preparing for High School

PFHS (573KB)

Secrets to Senior Success



HELP1 (Starting Secondary School) (642KB)
HELP2 (Appproaching Assignments) (667KB)
HELP3 (Research Skills) (740KB)
HELP4 (Home Study Environment) (677KB)
HELP5 (Senior School Success) (443KB)
HELP6 (Mastering Middle School) (359KB)
HELP7 (Preparing for Exam Blocks) (444KB)
HELP8 (Goal Setting) (418KB)
HELP9 (Managing Stress) (379KB)
HELP10 (Improving Reading Skills) (428KB)
HELP11 (Improving Writing Skills) (380KB)
HELP12 (How to Study for Tests and Exams) (373KB)
HELP13 (Test-Taking Techniques) (377KB)
HELP14 (Science Skills) (418KB)
HELP15 (Mathematical Skills) (380KB)
HELP16 (Foreign Language Skills) (355KB)
HELP17 (Presentation Skills) (279KB)
HELP18 (Lifestyle and Balance) (329KB)
HELP19 (Using Classtime) (339KB)
HELP20 (After Tests and Exams) (325KB)
HELP21 (Live Your Best Life) (283KB)
HELP22 (All About Your Brain) (307KB)
HELP23 (All About Your Memory) (318KB)