Subscribe to The Study Samurai Library

What is the process for schools to subscribe?

(Note: We do not offer part-school or single year group subscriptions. Our subscriptions are based on total secondary school enrolment numbers so the whole school has access.)

  • Send us your school's subscription form (see below).
  • We will send you an invoice within 24 hours.
  • Once payment is received you will be sent your school's user name and password for the library. You can then give these details to all the students, parents and teachers in your secondary school and place them in your school newsletter etc.

  • Note: If your school already subscribes to simply contact Prue on 0416293087 or to upgrade your existing subscription.


    Click here to Access the subscription form then:
    - type into the form, save it and email it to
    - or scan the completed form (or take a photo with your phone) and email it to
    - or post the completed form to PO Box 9 Neutral Bay NSW 2089
    or take a photo of the page with your phone and text it to 0416 293 087


    Note: We do NOT offer individual or part-school or single year group subscriptions. Our subscriptions are based on TOTAL secondary school enrolment numbers so the whole school has access.

    Set up EVERY student with their own individual login details so you can track students’ progress and they can see what they have completed and so students have ownership of their course. This is best practice and our recommended option. If you choose this option, we will send you a spreadsheet to enter the number of students in each group you’d like to track, then we will create an access code for each group. You then give students their access code so they can register and create their own username and password to access the site.

    Set up a single generic login that the whole school community (parents, teachers and students) can all use to login. Advantage – everyone uses the same login and you can put it in the school newsletter and create a direct link so that it can autologin from a secure section of your site. Disadvantage – no tracking of student progress or individual student ownership of their course. Schools who subscribed prior to 2019 are automatically set up with this option as this was how it was previously set up, but they can now change at any time to one of the other options.

    Combine the two options, set up the generic login for all of the school community to use and access the site AND choose to track certain groups by setting them up with individual logins. You can add additional groups to be tracked at any time. Disadvantage – if students are to be tracked they must login with their individual login NOT the school login which could confuse some students.

    Note after the anti-spam verification is done you need to click on the "please send an invoice' button below to actually send the form.