A personal message from Prue

Welcome teachers!

Perhaps you are looking for activities for pastoral care time, or perhaps you are just really keen to make a difference in the way your students experience school. Whatever the reason you have arrived at this page, I am pretty sure about two things: 1. You want to help your students improve their study skills so they can achieve the best results they are capable of and 2. You simply don't have time to create study skills worksheets for your students or troll the web to find something useful that is tailored to your students. I know this because over ten years ago I was in the same situation. As a Year Coordinator I wanted to help my students develop their study skills, but I was simply run off my feet dealing with the day to day issues of the year group and my teaching load. But it worried me that so many students struggled needlessly at school. So I made the decision to make this my focus: developing resources to help students cope better with the academic demands of secondary school. And with over 5000 ELES worksheet sets already out there working hard in schools being photocopied again and again every year for new year groups, it seems that many teachers are in the same situation! Check out our study skills worksheets sets and hopefully you'll also find what you are looking for.